Monday, April 26, 2010

don't judge me because I have another child now and still haven't posted anything new:)

Ok, so...
yeah yeah, it's been a year. or more. here's why:
I have a two year old and a 7 month old! I think you all understand. :) But for the sake of those who might say i have slightly been off task in not
updating- this is for you.

Nathanael Taylor is 7 months old now and trying to walk, laughing at everything, and the most active child I have ever seen in my entire life. This morning I found him on top of our CD player trying to take the CD out. Later I found him sitting on top of their play table- please note- he is 7 months old. So fun, yet a little frightening. Abigael had her 2nd birthday and is precious unique as ever. She is learning her will (and ours:)) and is not afraid to speak her mind. Our favorite new phrase is, "I change my aa-tude momma" if that gives any idea as to what stage of life we are in. Tay is enjoying work and walking with me in this parenting journey of two. i am, well.... trying to remember to be a wife as well as a mommy. Soemtimes I forget when I have two sea urchines attached to my leg when tay comes
home, but I live for date nights. (which by the way, was NOT a
good movie in our opinion). So you're all caught up right? You know about how life is? ;) No but really, I do miss catching up and getting grown up time. I am so abundantly thankful for our community group as we get to live life together. Today I found myself saying to my mom, "sometimes I just want to go Home."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy birthday Abigael!!

Abigael anne just had her very first birthday party! It was so fun, and to all of you who joined us fam- thank you for coming. She is a sassy little thing. We are going to have our hands full!! I told everybody outside toys because if I leave the door open, she will try to find her way out. So why fight it?

Anyhoo- for those of you who have been praying for Taylor and I, thank you. It's been a difficult, but also encouraging few weeks. Taylor has a few interviews we are praying about- we will keep you all updated. My dad's father passed away last week, so we have been trying to love on our fam. God in all of this has been so gracious to us and has provided exactly what we need when we need it. I'm looking forward to the spring because I get to spend most of my time outside! And that always makes everything better (or at least it seems like it does). SO as of right now, we are preparing for soem milestones. Coming up in May: Taylor graduates from seminary (FINALLY!!!!!!) my bro graduates from high school, Taylor's from college, and my other bro is getting married. We will have a few months before the next birth milestone...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4 months later!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so... Abigael is not still 8 months old, but in fact turning one in less than a week!!! For those of you dear friends and family who have been so patient with me and my "not togetherness"- thank you. For those of you who don't check this, I don't blame you- obviuosly I have not either. Because I forgot. BUT- We do have so many updates!!

First of all, Abigael has taken her first steps! She is trying so hard to walk around. I think she might be the happiest baby ever. She laughs at anything we do. She loves being outside and eating dirt. I mean- just kidding, I don't let her. I will try to put up some more pics after her first b-day. But.. Taylor and I are really excited about the church we are at- Journey Fellowship, and GOd has blessed us with precious friends and support. Speaking of blessings- we are expecting another one come mid September. The answer is no. It was not planned. But we rejoice! We might not know what we are doing- but at least GOd does!! And..... Chad is getting married! My little brother. Oh how time flies. (do I sound old now) Abigael is sleeping and i have to go to work to teach, so I must scoot, but I promise to try a little harder at making this work. Love you all!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Family Visit

The Rogers and Whit came for a visit and to see Zach's hockey game, so we took them to the River downtown and had a little San Antonio fiesta! The Mercado was having a flamenco dance, so of course, we joined in! Abigael was amazed by the colors... and my amazing dancing....

She was so excited- it was precious!

After that, we went to Zach's hockey game against UTSA and held down the sic em.

Abigael is getting SOOO much stronger and can hold herself up while she stands against things. She learned to sit up by herself as well. I tried to put a video of her standing in her crib, but she refused to let go of the side with her teeth. So.. at least you get to see her killer drool fangs.... and her new teeth!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New teeth, new jobs, new... other things

Ok, so I have not blogged in a month- so sorry:) But here are the latest updates...
Abigael just got two teeth in!! She is so proud of them... but they hurt now! She is so close to crawling. She can scoot around, but is dying to move. She laughs so much now, but mostly squeals.

I am teaching art once a week and am thankful to have an outlet for art. Taylor is working and doing well selling, but anxious to really get into it. I think we are most excited about Journey, the church that we found in the area. It's an amazing place that we can tell is very real- it's a very open environment where the Spirit of God can work. We will be working with the 11th and 12th grade students in the youth (which of course we love).

Abigael got to see her first Baylor game! Sic em bears!! Taylor had to say a sad goodbye to his beloved Ethan Durelle rock band of his friends in Waco. We went up for a visit and saw precious friends. Everyone at the concert looked at me a little funny as the only mommy there, but.. whatev.
We love having people in our home (let's see this month we have hosted... Taylor's mom and sis as evacuees from the hurricane, my bro for 10 days, Tay's dad, youth, and I think that's it.) So- COME! We'd love to see you. Sorry this one isn't the funniest thing you have ever read, but... you know.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New adventures

Abigael is now eating her feet...

Abigael got a new bathing suit, so we took a few pics of her...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Abigael updates

Hey friends and fam! Hope your summer is going well. We are busy, busy- as I am sure alot of you are as well. Here's what's going on with our little munchin lately...

She found her toes! She is now eating her feet, I guess we should probably bathe her now... :)

She can now roll over ALL the way and is rolly polly all over the place. I laid her on the floor this morning to eat my breakfast and she rolled herself up into an Abigael taco within 20 seconds flat.

We also took our first trip to the zoo recently. Though she didn't quite know what she was looking at, her mommy and daddy enjoyed it. She was amazed by the fish.

And finally, she let out her first big gut laugh!! We took her for a swim in the pool and Taylor spit water and she laugehd for about 20 minutes straight. (I of course made him keep spitting water until she stopped laughing) Unfortunately we didn't capture it on the camera, but we will try soon as it was the most marvelous sound I think we have ever heard!! Love to all of you. Please let us know what's going on with you guys.