Monday, April 26, 2010

don't judge me because I have another child now and still haven't posted anything new:)

Ok, so...
yeah yeah, it's been a year. or more. here's why:
I have a two year old and a 7 month old! I think you all understand. :) But for the sake of those who might say i have slightly been off task in not
updating- this is for you.

Nathanael Taylor is 7 months old now and trying to walk, laughing at everything, and the most active child I have ever seen in my entire life. This morning I found him on top of our CD player trying to take the CD out. Later I found him sitting on top of their play table- please note- he is 7 months old. So fun, yet a little frightening. Abigael had her 2nd birthday and is precious unique as ever. She is learning her will (and ours:)) and is not afraid to speak her mind. Our favorite new phrase is, "I change my aa-tude momma" if that gives any idea as to what stage of life we are in. Tay is enjoying work and walking with me in this parenting journey of two. i am, well.... trying to remember to be a wife as well as a mommy. Soemtimes I forget when I have two sea urchines attached to my leg when tay comes
home, but I live for date nights. (which by the way, was NOT a
good movie in our opinion). So you're all caught up right? You know about how life is? ;) No but really, I do miss catching up and getting grown up time. I am so abundantly thankful for our community group as we get to live life together. Today I found myself saying to my mom, "sometimes I just want to go Home."


KellyB said...

Girl, I hear you on the no time thing with two kids! I felt busy when I was just pregnant and working with a three year old; now it's stepped up a level! I hope to blog soon too, but who knows if that'll happen. Love and miss ya!

Jenn said...

your family is beautiful!! thanks for supporting my site, and i hope you have a beautiful week!