Thursday, October 2, 2008

Family Visit

The Rogers and Whit came for a visit and to see Zach's hockey game, so we took them to the River downtown and had a little San Antonio fiesta! The Mercado was having a flamenco dance, so of course, we joined in! Abigael was amazed by the colors... and my amazing dancing....

She was so excited- it was precious!

After that, we went to Zach's hockey game against UTSA and held down the sic em.

Abigael is getting SOOO much stronger and can hold herself up while she stands against things. She learned to sit up by herself as well. I tried to put a video of her standing in her crib, but she refused to let go of the side with her teeth. So.. at least you get to see her killer drool fangs.... and her new teeth!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New teeth, new jobs, new... other things

Ok, so I have not blogged in a month- so sorry:) But here are the latest updates...
Abigael just got two teeth in!! She is so proud of them... but they hurt now! She is so close to crawling. She can scoot around, but is dying to move. She laughs so much now, but mostly squeals.

I am teaching art once a week and am thankful to have an outlet for art. Taylor is working and doing well selling, but anxious to really get into it. I think we are most excited about Journey, the church that we found in the area. It's an amazing place that we can tell is very real- it's a very open environment where the Spirit of God can work. We will be working with the 11th and 12th grade students in the youth (which of course we love).

Abigael got to see her first Baylor game! Sic em bears!! Taylor had to say a sad goodbye to his beloved Ethan Durelle rock band of his friends in Waco. We went up for a visit and saw precious friends. Everyone at the concert looked at me a little funny as the only mommy there, but.. whatev.
We love having people in our home (let's see this month we have hosted... Taylor's mom and sis as evacuees from the hurricane, my bro for 10 days, Tay's dad, youth, and I think that's it.) So- COME! We'd love to see you. Sorry this one isn't the funniest thing you have ever read, but... you know.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New adventures

Abigael is now eating her feet...

Abigael got a new bathing suit, so we took a few pics of her...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Abigael updates

Hey friends and fam! Hope your summer is going well. We are busy, busy- as I am sure alot of you are as well. Here's what's going on with our little munchin lately...

She found her toes! She is now eating her feet, I guess we should probably bathe her now... :)

She can now roll over ALL the way and is rolly polly all over the place. I laid her on the floor this morning to eat my breakfast and she rolled herself up into an Abigael taco within 20 seconds flat.

We also took our first trip to the zoo recently. Though she didn't quite know what she was looking at, her mommy and daddy enjoyed it. She was amazed by the fish.

And finally, she let out her first big gut laugh!! We took her for a swim in the pool and Taylor spit water and she laugehd for about 20 minutes straight. (I of course made him keep spitting water until she stopped laughing) Unfortunately we didn't capture it on the camera, but we will try soon as it was the most marvelous sound I think we have ever heard!! Love to all of you. Please let us know what's going on with you guys.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Annibirthdary

WE celebrated our third anniversary last night! woohoo!!!! Taylor and I got a night to ourselves so we took a trip down memory lane...

We started off at the Tower of Americas, which is where we got engaged. The view was even better the second time around.

Then we walked down the Riverwalk (past the place of our first kiss) and went to an amazingly romantic Italian restuarant with live jazz. Aaaaamazing.

Then we went to the Emily Morgan to get dessert... but they were out. Bummer. O well- so fun!!

On a lighter note, last Sunday we celebrated Chris's 18th birthday in style. Complete with pinata, pin the tale on spidey and an amazing balloon game (thank you camp counselors that planned the party) we had a kickin' time. PS- the laughs in this picture are totally NOT posed. Really. Well maybe one. But the karate kick is NOT posed. He is a real ninja.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Casa de Crazies

Summertime!!!! We have been crazy busy here lately... between a visit from the Rogers, out of town guests, fourth of July, weddings- we have been on overdrive.

We were thankful to see Taylor's siblings and mom last weekend and got a long awaited visit from Preston and Molly (his girlfriend). We went to the Riverwalk and showed her the "festive" side of San Antone. We always wish it could be longer, but such a blessing to visit with family.

The next weekend, Tim and Sarah Hammond, our dear friends from Waco, graced us with their presence (and craziness) over July 4th. We all (My bros, Hammonds, my fam, Wakefields- Lane lives with Chad, Whit with us for the summer if it wasn't crazy enough) started it off with a glorious parade. We dressed Abigael and her stroller up and marched with some other random people on the culdesac at the lakehouse. We had one waver, the rest of the people were in the parade. Our parade was complete with a boombox of America songs blasting in our ears. Amazing. We took Abigael out on the boat for the first time too. She fell asleep the moment she felt the wind and the bumps. We had a blast and enjoyed the company.

Abigael learned a new trick the other day. She likes to "talk" now. This happened at first by accident when she was knawing my finger off, and now she cracks herself up with it...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

San An

Well- we arrived in SA on Friday the 13th with bumps, but no huge gashes. :) We are thankful to be settled. The day started out with a traffic ticket, delayed closing on our house, and a loss of money- but we made it down here with the help of our friends Tim and Sarah. We are moved in and ready for anyone who wants to join the parteee!!

Abigael is teething now and drooling enough to fill the Grand Canyon. But she evens it out with an occasional taste of a laugh that would make Uncle Scrooge smile. We are thankful for our new home- Taylor has been working really hard on getting it ready. He looks like a rancher on the tractor. I love it.

We're pretty tired, but we actually got our entire house unpacked and moved in- we're pretty stinkin proud of ourselves. (And we had help.. thanks fam) Uncle Chad and Uncle Chris put in their duty time as well. Chad taught her the difference between up and down. Chris taught her how to spit. Genious brothers.
We are looking forward to our visitors this summer (our home will be filled with girls- poor thing. guys he might need a get away every now and then...)
Abigael says good morning... and I'm trying out video....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Farewell Waco... but not goodbye

Well at last- by the grace of God we have sold our house!! Our official move date to San Antonio is Friday the 13th... :) Know that at ANY time, you are all welcome to come stay, visit, play, eat. We will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible, but thankfully it's not very far away. Taylor is currently looking in San Antonio for a job, with a few leads. Please pray for taylor's family as they are working through a divorce right now. Though definitely not without some heartaches along the way, we are also so thankful for the blessings we have been given, and mercies that have been shown. I will be teaching at a small art studio by our house starting in the fall and am excited about opportunities to be creative. We are anxious to begin serving and doing ministry somewhere, yet still not sure what we will be doing. My family is excited to help us move in and to be closer.
This last weekend we traveled to see Zach (taylor's bro) graduate. Congrats Uncle Zach!! We were thankful to spend time with family.
On another lighter note---
Abigael is learning SOOO much lately!! She found her thumb yesterday morning rather than trying to shove her entire fist into her mouth (which was becoming rather frustrating as she is getting bigger) She has a doll, which we now call Dolly (we are very creative namers...) that has become was captures her attention anytime it is in site. It's amazing how attentive she has become to what is around her. She is rolling over now, one more step closer to moving on her own- which taylor and I believe is her ultimate goal at the moment. Little independent woman....
We love love love love you all. If you are in Waco- PLEASE stop by so we can give hugs.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's almost summer!!

I can taste it... so close, yet so far. Ah, summer. Well this weekend we went to a friend's wedding.

Abigael got to dance with her daddy for the first time and got "oohed" and ahhed" over all evening. After that we we out to the lake house for Memorial Day and had a blast. We tested out the water with Abigael, but I think it scared her. She much preferred listening to them on the shore. I finally got to do something active- I told Taylor I feel like I have been hibernating for the last year. We got to jet ski, but I wasn't brave enough to tube yet; I'd rather watch my brother be ridiculously good and stupid at the same time with his shananigans in the water.

Please keep praying, we have a contract in on the house, and have a potential move out date of June 19th. If you are in Waco and feel like being amazing, I know that we will need a lot of help both packing, moving and watching baby. PS- If you want to help us move to SA, we are going to the lake after words to rest and you can join us!! :) I'm getting more and more excited, but also incredibly sad. Our house better be filled with visitors, that's all I have to say!

SO all of you that are still in school, either taking those dreadful finals, giving them, or way beyond the point of ever having to think of them again- ITS ALMOST SUMMER! wooohooo!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day all you mommies! We were so excited because we got to dedicate Abigael at church this mother's day. My momma came in for it, which I was thankful for. Amazingly, Abigael snuck out of her crib Saturday night and bought me an "I love you mommy" ballon and a corsage! I knew I had a smart child, but...
It was a gorgeous day, so we decided to take a few mommy's Day pics with Abigael and I. (She didn't like it the whole time..) But I must say, I think I'm in love for the second time! :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

Back to Work

I am back to work now, and Taylor is finishing up with his LAST finals at Truett Seminary!! Though it is difficult going back for May, we have an incredible babysitter list lined up. "Nonni", my mom (with an added visit from Poppi) is here to help this week. Taylor's momma ("Izzy" per request) and his grandma and aunt will be here next week. Abigael has begun to smile at us, rather than just at gas.

We are looking forward to June, since we will be moving into our new house then.(Picture on far left) Our new little home in the woods is next to my parents and we are thrilled at the blessing. We are still praying for a job and that the house would sell, so we would appreciate your prayers, but will keep everyone updated.

This Sunday we are dedicating Abigael (on Mother's Day- what better time) at Harris Creek, so we are excited. Thankfully the week has gone by pretty quickly- it actually helps having people at the house because it keeps me busy. I know only have 2 1/2 more weeks to go and that's it!! My middle school kids asked me if I missed them while I was home with Abigael. I actually laughed. But then told them of course I did. Of course I missed hearing you ask me for a pencil because so and so just broke yours. Of course i miss you yelling over me as a try to teach you how to be a normal human being even though there is no chance until you turn 30. Of course little precious middle schoolers- of course.
I am getting quite sad about leaving Waco and the amazingly precious people in our lives (our small group of girls @HCBC that I love so dearly). In fact, don't want to talk about it, so nevermind. And on that note... have a beautiful day!