Thursday, June 26, 2008

San An

Well- we arrived in SA on Friday the 13th with bumps, but no huge gashes. :) We are thankful to be settled. The day started out with a traffic ticket, delayed closing on our house, and a loss of money- but we made it down here with the help of our friends Tim and Sarah. We are moved in and ready for anyone who wants to join the parteee!!

Abigael is teething now and drooling enough to fill the Grand Canyon. But she evens it out with an occasional taste of a laugh that would make Uncle Scrooge smile. We are thankful for our new home- Taylor has been working really hard on getting it ready. He looks like a rancher on the tractor. I love it.

We're pretty tired, but we actually got our entire house unpacked and moved in- we're pretty stinkin proud of ourselves. (And we had help.. thanks fam) Uncle Chad and Uncle Chris put in their duty time as well. Chad taught her the difference between up and down. Chris taught her how to spit. Genious brothers.
We are looking forward to our visitors this summer (our home will be filled with girls- poor thing. guys he might need a get away every now and then...)
Abigael says good morning... and I'm trying out video....


WHIT said...

haha im pretty sure i have a video of my mom doing the exact same thing to me...Good MORNing Whitney!! Good Morning!! and I had big eyes like Abigael and I sat in my yellow basket thing. So Abigael is off to a good start to being the coolest person ever.


i willl seeeee you next WEEK!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Abigael! And Taylor, and Ashley! Hey, Zach wants to apologize for not getting back to Taylor sooner about gardening, etc. He wrote him an e-mail a long time ago but thinks he sent it to roDgers as opposed to rogers. So, we will hook up verbally soon. That sounds weird...Anyway. I'm up making birth cds for whenever this little one decides to make his/her arrival. Love you guys. So glad all is well and you're moved in. Bet it's a good feeling being unpacked. Send me some good female birthing energy, thoughts, prayers, all that stuff. Hope to see y'all soon, perhaps in SA. We'll be going through early-mid August for a family reunion south of there. Maybe we can see you folks. -Griffins (amy, mostly)

Anonymous said...

Okay, that is the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen, with the exception of Ashley herself when she was a little baby.