Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Casa de Crazies

Summertime!!!! We have been crazy busy here lately... between a visit from the Rogers, out of town guests, fourth of July, weddings- we have been on overdrive.

We were thankful to see Taylor's siblings and mom last weekend and got a long awaited visit from Preston and Molly (his girlfriend). We went to the Riverwalk and showed her the "festive" side of San Antone. We always wish it could be longer, but such a blessing to visit with family.

The next weekend, Tim and Sarah Hammond, our dear friends from Waco, graced us with their presence (and craziness) over July 4th. We all (My bros, Hammonds, my fam, Wakefields- Lane lives with Chad, Whit with us for the summer if it wasn't crazy enough) started it off with a glorious parade. We dressed Abigael and her stroller up and marched with some other random people on the culdesac at the lakehouse. We had one waver, the rest of the people were in the parade. Our parade was complete with a boombox of America songs blasting in our ears. Amazing. We took Abigael out on the boat for the first time too. She fell asleep the moment she felt the wind and the bumps. We had a blast and enjoyed the company.

Abigael learned a new trick the other day. She likes to "talk" now. This happened at first by accident when she was knawing my finger off, and now she cracks herself up with it...

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