Thursday, July 31, 2008

Abigael updates

Hey friends and fam! Hope your summer is going well. We are busy, busy- as I am sure alot of you are as well. Here's what's going on with our little munchin lately...

She found her toes! She is now eating her feet, I guess we should probably bathe her now... :)

She can now roll over ALL the way and is rolly polly all over the place. I laid her on the floor this morning to eat my breakfast and she rolled herself up into an Abigael taco within 20 seconds flat.

We also took our first trip to the zoo recently. Though she didn't quite know what she was looking at, her mommy and daddy enjoyed it. She was amazed by the fish.

And finally, she let out her first big gut laugh!! We took her for a swim in the pool and Taylor spit water and she laugehd for about 20 minutes straight. (I of course made him keep spitting water until she stopped laughing) Unfortunately we didn't capture it on the camera, but we will try soon as it was the most marvelous sound I think we have ever heard!! Love to all of you. Please let us know what's going on with you guys.

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Amy said...

Ash -

a) It was GREAT to see you and Abigael a bit ago, to sit and talk with you, etc. Also, thank you for the little baby clothes for Mr. B. Zach cut and hemmed the "veggin out" onesie so that it would be a t-shirt and fit over Bela's cloth diapers, and fit longer! It's cute, cute, cute. We've actually started doing that to some of our favorite 0-3 or 3-6 mo. onesies of his.
b) Yes, laughing is the most wonderful sound a new person can make! I remember vividly when Laith laughed for the first time. I thought I was going to cry, it was so thrilling.
c) We should go to Austin (or meet there)and go cloth diaper shopping sometime. They have a REALLY cool store there, the mecca of all cloth diaper brick and mortars. We've been doing Bela exclusively in cloth since Becca and another good friend sent us some really awesome cloth diapers that work better than disposables for those breastfed mustard explosions. (They're fuzzi bunz and bum genius, pocket diapers, but I'm also wanting to go to Austin to try out some motherease b/c I have a friend who has some of those and I've heard good things.)
d)Zach and I are coming into SA tomorrow (Wednesday the 6th) night. We're leaving for the family reunion on Thurs, prob afternoon, but we were wondering if y'all wanted to meet up in the morning or for lunch to hang out for a bit. We miss you guys. I don't know what y'all's schedule is like, but we'll be coming back through on Sunday, so that's an option, too. Also, Zach is going to go back to Brenham in our car, but I'm going to stay in SA for Mon and maybe Tues so the boys don't have to sit in the car for 6 hrs straight, and b/c Becca is going to drive me back to the farm and visit for a few days. So, maybe we (Becca and myself) could see you then, as well, or in addition to. Zach and I would really like to see your family. So let us know. Ok. This should have been an e-mail, or a phone call. I didn't foresee the length. I forgot BOTH of your phone numbers; my brain is rotting.