Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day all you mommies! We were so excited because we got to dedicate Abigael at church this mother's day. My momma came in for it, which I was thankful for. Amazingly, Abigael snuck out of her crib Saturday night and bought me an "I love you mommy" ballon and a corsage! I knew I had a smart child, but...
It was a gorgeous day, so we decided to take a few mommy's Day pics with Abigael and I. (She didn't like it the whole time..) But I must say, I think I'm in love for the second time! :)


whit said...

she is beautiful. just like mommy and daddy.

whit said...

and nonni and poopy.
and izzy.

wow. sounds like youre a family of dogs.