Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's almost summer!!

I can taste it... so close, yet so far. Ah, summer. Well this weekend we went to a friend's wedding.

Abigael got to dance with her daddy for the first time and got "oohed" and ahhed" over all evening. After that we we out to the lake house for Memorial Day and had a blast. We tested out the water with Abigael, but I think it scared her. She much preferred listening to them on the shore. I finally got to do something active- I told Taylor I feel like I have been hibernating for the last year. We got to jet ski, but I wasn't brave enough to tube yet; I'd rather watch my brother be ridiculously good and stupid at the same time with his shananigans in the water.

Please keep praying, we have a contract in on the house, and have a potential move out date of June 19th. If you are in Waco and feel like being amazing, I know that we will need a lot of help both packing, moving and watching baby. PS- If you want to help us move to SA, we are going to the lake after words to rest and you can join us!! :) I'm getting more and more excited, but also incredibly sad. Our house better be filled with visitors, that's all I have to say!

SO all of you that are still in school, either taking those dreadful finals, giving them, or way beyond the point of ever having to think of them again- ITS ALMOST SUMMER! wooohooo!!!

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