Friday, May 9, 2008

Back to Work

I am back to work now, and Taylor is finishing up with his LAST finals at Truett Seminary!! Though it is difficult going back for May, we have an incredible babysitter list lined up. "Nonni", my mom (with an added visit from Poppi) is here to help this week. Taylor's momma ("Izzy" per request) and his grandma and aunt will be here next week. Abigael has begun to smile at us, rather than just at gas.

We are looking forward to June, since we will be moving into our new house then.(Picture on far left) Our new little home in the woods is next to my parents and we are thrilled at the blessing. We are still praying for a job and that the house would sell, so we would appreciate your prayers, but will keep everyone updated.

This Sunday we are dedicating Abigael (on Mother's Day- what better time) at Harris Creek, so we are excited. Thankfully the week has gone by pretty quickly- it actually helps having people at the house because it keeps me busy. I know only have 2 1/2 more weeks to go and that's it!! My middle school kids asked me if I missed them while I was home with Abigael. I actually laughed. But then told them of course I did. Of course I missed hearing you ask me for a pencil because so and so just broke yours. Of course i miss you yelling over me as a try to teach you how to be a normal human being even though there is no chance until you turn 30. Of course little precious middle schoolers- of course.
I am getting quite sad about leaving Waco and the amazingly precious people in our lives (our small group of girls @HCBC that I love so dearly). In fact, don't want to talk about it, so nevermind. And on that note... have a beautiful day!


The Shepards said...

She's such a cutie!! I know going back to work is hard, (because I'm doing it monday), but good job being strong! Cute sunglasses pic- the first pic on Savannah's blog is a sunglasses pic. It's so fun to dress girls up! Hope someday our girls can meet!

Anonymous said...

That is such a tipical Katie Fry picture :) I love Abigael so much you have no idea how related I feel to all ya'll :P

Whitney to the Wakefield said...

for some reason whenever i started to type this comment the song "its hard to say what it is i see in you, wonder if ill always be with youuu" popped into my head. but that doesnt really fit.

hmm a song that fits how im feeling:
ii looove youu so
and i want you to know
ill always be right HERE (in waco..)
and I love to sing
this song for you

I love you sister. And we still get to see you all the time for like..3 more months! wooohooo